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Long Weekend of Spoon Carving with Peter Follansbee

The weekend course

Students will learn the proper grips and techniques used to create spoons that are both attractive and useful. Using just a hatchet and two knives and freshly-harvested limbs, we will tackle all aspects of this increasingly popular woodcraft. 

Participants will split apart the stock, rough out their spoons with the hatchet and carve the shape with a straight-bladed “sloyd” knife. Then a specialized hook knife will be used to hollow out the bowl. Safe handling of these highly specialized tools will be emphasized.


Learn to make design decisions that will result in a good spoon, as a opposed to a piece of wood with a hollow in one end.

The Monday holiday special—

One day of Advancing Spoon Carving

The holiday weekend means an extra day, and to us that means an extra day to carve spoons.

Whether you have just been introduced to spoon carving on the previous days, or you've carved spoons with CRAFT before, or at Greenwood Fest, or on your own, come join us for a day of exploring spoon-carving details. We'll spend quality time on some of the finer points that often seem to elude a beginners' class.

The one-day course will include a review of knife grasps, hatchet work, and lots of spoon design.


We'll have on hand an ever-growing collection of spoons by some of the best modern-day carvers for inspiration and study, as well as a pile of fresh crooks to work with.

Tools & materials

Students should bring a “sloyd” or straight knife (we will have the Morakniv 106 available at the class for $30.) We'll have hook knives for students’ use; as well as other makers' straight knives to try.

Each student will also need a small sharp hatchet. More info on tools will be sent upon enrollment.

Materials included, but if you have fresh spoon wood, feel free to bring some along.

  • Satisfying and delicious lunches are included with registration.

  • Optional onsite lodging, including breakfast. Room is limited, so first come, first served. Reasonable, comfortable and relaxing.

Need financial aid?

Why not apply for the

Plymouth CRAFT

Green Woodworking Scholarship? 

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