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The Plymouth CRAFT Green Woodworking Scholarship


The Plymouth CRAFT Green Woodworking Scholarship was launched at Greenwood Fest 2018 when Robin Wood generously donated his entire 2018 Sloyd Fellowship. inspiring Fest attendees to spontaneously throw in their financial support. Shortly after, Dave Fisher contrived to commit the entire proceeds from his online auction of a lovely carved testament to the legacy of Jennie Alexander.


Since then, members of the CRAFT community—participants in courses, mostly—have continued the conversation by contributing ideas and funds, extending their own largesse to those who might not be able to otherwise join in. The result of this generosity is that every green woodworking course at Plymouth CRAFT now carries a scholarship slot.

Potential applicants: Your information will be confidential and used only by our scholarship committee for the purpose of determining funding. You can apply for as many courses as you like, but of course we will do our best to spread the bounty as broadly as possible.

Successful candidates may receive funding to cover all or, more often, part of their course registration fees, materials, and even lodging

Potential donors: We are all part of an amazing, burgeoning community—let's keep this ball rolling!

CRAFT should be accessible to everyone with an interest in participating. 

We get it that registration fees can be a stretch.

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