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Spoon-carving with JoJo Wood—Forms and Motifs

August 4 & 5, 2022                      $380

The Wildlands Trust Community Barn
675 Long Pond Road

Plymouth, Massachusetts  

Been spending too much time carving alone the last couple years, learning from a distant person on a tiny screen?

How about a couple intense and interactive days with acclaimed carver and terrific teacher JoJo Wood? Whether your carving practice has evolved excitingly or stagnated sadly during the pandemic, JoJo promises to meet you where you are and help you see your way to the next possibility.


A lifelong carver, and a teacher since eighteen, JoJo has developed a unique carving method, highlighting efficiency and technique. She sees the eating spoon as the perfect vehicle for learning to produce a beautiful and functional piece of craft.

This course is ideal for people who have some spoon carving experience and are looking to push themselves forwards. Bring a sharp hatchet or small axe, a straight knife, and a hook (or spoon) knife.

  • Satisfying and delicious lunches included.

  • Session limited to 12 participants.

  • Your registration is contingent on full vaccination and willingness to cheerfully adapt to prevailing health and safety conditions, as determined by Plymouth CRAFT during the course.

  • Suitable for carvers with some experience, but at any level.

  • Plymouth CRAFT Green Woodworking Scholarship spot already applied for and filled.



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