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The Eating Spoon with JoJo Wood

A well-carved wooden eating spoon should be a joy to use. Not only must it look beautiful, a great spoon should also feel amazing in both hand and mouth.

This course is ideal for people who have some spoon carving experience and are looking to push themselves forwards. With axe, straight knife, and hook knife, participants will learn, starting from the tree, to produce their own pinnacle of spoon-ness, in this wonderfully intense 2-day course.

October 5th & 6th, 2019                       $375
Having taught from the age of 18 and carved her whole life, JoJo has developed a unique carving method, highlighting efficiency and technique. She sees the eating spoon as the perfect vehicle for learning to produce a beautiful and functional piece of craft.
  • Satisfying and delicious lunches are included with registration.

  • Optional onsite lodging with breakfasts.

  • Session limited to 12 participants.

  • Plymouth CRAFT Green Woodworking Scholarship spots available. Apply NOW through September 10th.

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