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An Axe to Grind—Sharpening with Tim Manney

If you have ever applied an edge tool to wood, you know that it is impossible to create clean, controlled, cuts with tools that are anything less than expertly sharpened. Learn those skills for life  in this two-day hands-on sharpening intensive with chairmaker and tool maven Tim Manney.

Tim will demonstrate sharpening comprehensively, with lots of opportunities for hands-on experience, as he guides participants through tuning their own green woodworking tools — axes, knives, drawknives, adzes, gouges... whatever you bring!   Everyone will learn safe and controlled use of the electric grinder —  deployed to establish proper edge geometry for each tool, and to cut through years of rust and pitting on antique specimens —  one-on-one and hands-on.

By focusing on a handful of basic principles, Tim will cut through the hype and mystique that surround sharpening, and demonstrate how you can set yourself up with a kit of stones and a strop for $50 or less.

Please bring eye protection for grinder-time. We'll have basic ear protection on hand, but bring your own if you like. Also, bring tools to work on — axe, knife, gouge, drawknife, and anything else you are struggling to sharpen.

  • Two full-day sessions.

  • Satisfying and delicious lunches are included with registration.

  • Optional onsite lodging, including breakfast. Reasonable, comfortable and relaxing.

Need financial aid?

Why not apply for the

Plymouth CRAFT

Green Woodworking Scholarship? 

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