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...for adults of any experience level...

Spoon Day!

August 3, 2022; 10am-6pm.                  $115

Wildlands Trust Community Barn
675 Long Pond Road
Plymouth MA 02360



JoJo Wood 
Peter Follansbee
Joel Paul

With ...

It's time again for...



PretWoodburn &
Rick McKee


   ... Did working with your hands through pandemic times bring you solace and meaning ...? Think how much fun it would be to share your practice with others again, like we used to...               (images from Spoon Day 2019 courtesy Ted Curtin)


Spend a day hanging out with, and learning from, great instructors and your fellow spoon-carvers.

The Spoon Day 2022 agenda includes plenty of the expected spoon-carving time, both structured and casual, as well as a simple and delicious lunch. Plus, we get an opportunity to learn a little about JoJo Wood's recent work in Birmingham, England, bringing her hands-on woodcraft experience to people with mental health challenges.


Bring a straight knife, a hook or spoon knife, and a hatchet. (Detailed info sent to registrants.) If you are in a position to pack a chopping block, by all means do!

This Spoon Day has very limited capacity, so don't wait to register. Participants pledge that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, that they will cheerfully abide by whatever protocol CRAFT adopts based on current circumstances and contagion levels, and, in short, that they will play nicely from start to finish.

Spoon Day 2022 is Sold Out —
Please email to to join the waiting list.

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