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...for adults of any experience level...

Spoon Day!
        June 9th, 2019; 10 am - 6 pm
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts              $100 

  • Bring a straight knife, a hook knife, and a hatchet or small ax. (Helpful info furnished to registrants).


With ...

Whether you are new to carving or a grizzled veteran,

come and spend the day carving, learning, and making new friends. 

JoJo Wood                    

Dave Fisher

Peter Follansbee

Tim Manney

         Reid Schwartz

Amy Umbel

Oliver Pratt

Jessica Hirsch

Jay Ketner

  • Reserve your lunch—crafted from fresh local ingredients by the fabulous Stephen Coe and his team and served from the SWAT Culinary Assault Vehicle.  Or pack a picnic...

  • Interesting in bringing your teenager along? If he or she is under sixteen, please contact us first to discuss. 

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