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Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern. The cloth is systematically bound, stitched, folded and twisted to affect the penetration of the dye.

Indigo is a natural blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and numerous other species; it has been used as a colorant for nearly 5,500 years. The dye is extracted from the leaves through a lengthy process of soaking and fermentation, drying and grinding.  When the cloth or fiber is removed from the dye vat it changes, as if by magic, from yellow-green through green and turquoise to blue.  Multiple dips in the dye vat are required to create dark shades.

In the Saturday, November 19th class, you will learn about the process, and begin using binding, stitching and pole-wrapping techniques to prepare a silk scarf and several cotton pieces for the dye vat.


On Sunday, November 20th, you will spend the day completing your projects in the dye vat. Students who have already completed Amelia's course in the past are welcome to sign up for Sunday only and join in the fun with work they have prepared at home.

  • Two full-day sessions.

  • Satisfying and delicious lunches are included with registration.

  • Optional onsite lodging, including breakfast. Reasonable, comfortable and relaxing.

Shibori Indigo Dyeing

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