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Registration and Refund Policies

Plymouth CRAFT makes a substantial investment in planning. Vacancies require a lot of legwork to fill, even with a healthy waiting list, so we must charge cancellation fees to offset those costs.


Registrants who withdraw by three weeks prior to the course will:


  • Receive a refund, less a 20% administrative fee.


Registrants who withdraw two weeks or less before the course will:

  • Receive a 75% refund IF the vacated place is filled from the waiting list.


All bets are off within 5 days of the course. We'll do our best to help.

COVID-19 Policy

Plymouth CRAFT courses are conducted in an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and good will. We expect all participants to do their utmost to keep the rest of us safe from deadly infection. A few tips:

  • Refrain from registering for Plymouth CRAFT events if not fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Or for that matter, if you don't care about the comfort and health of others.

  • Contact us right away if you are registered for an upcoming course and become ill or exposed to someone with COVID, and cannot in good faith attend. If we are able to fill your place from a waiting list, we may be able to send you a hefty refund.

  • Expect to be flexible. We would all rather work without masks. If occasionally transient local circumstances warrant them, we will work to keep everyone safe and comfortable by doing what is sensible and donning masks as needed.

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