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More German Holiday Baking with Kirsten Atchison

Whether you are entirely new to German baking or are a veteran of Kirsten's popular German Holiday Baking workshop ... either way, Kirsten has come up with a whole new afternoon of baking for those who would like to add some different German treats to their holiday repertoire.

In this all-new course, participants will make früchtebrot (fruit bread), lebkuchen (gingerbread) and spitzbuben (scoundrels), guided by the expertise of a German native and passionate baker.

Früchtebrot is a dark heavy loaf made with flour, eggs and dried fruit; it keeps for a very long time, and is served sliced very thinly. The term lebkuchen covers many different types of gingerbread, some of which have been enjoyed since at least the 13th century. In this class, we will bake some honeyed lebkuchen that can be baked the the day the dough is made (unlike other recipes with a two-month dough-curing period). Spitzbuben – a sandwich cookie filled with jam – is a Christmas staple in every German-Austrian household.

Each participant will take home a früchtebrot and samples of each of the cookies. Naturally, there will be coffee- and tea-time and snacks.

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