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Brick-oven Pie-Baking:

Minced Pies of Historic New England

Sunday, December 9th, 2018
10 am - 3 pm
Benjamin Nye Homestead
85 Old County Road
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

In this small-class hands-on frenzy of shredding, mincing, rolling and molding, we investigate the dish that arrived in New England in the 17th century under such an ideological cloud it was denigrated from the pulpit as “Idolatry in Crust”....


 We will undertake to make versions from three centuries—constructing standing coffins of paste, old-school, and rolling out pastry, too, in a more recent style, with fillings appropriate to each. And, oh yes, we will be firing up the Nye House’s newly-restored brick oven to bake it all. We’ll sample each sort of pie hot from the oven, and participants will bake their own handsome pie to take home.

This course is offered in partnership with the Nye Family of America.

Find out why these pies were favorite foods for centuries.

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