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June Event Onsite Lodging
  • Have a look here to see pictures of Marie's Cottage and The Lodge.... There's a great pool to swim in if it's warm enough and lots of conservation land – woods and fields — to walk, run, off-road bike, or bird-watch in. 

  • Participants may rent a room in these houses from Plymouth CRAFT at a flat rate for the full 5-night period (June 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th). Even if you are not engaged in a Plymouth CRAFT activity the whole time, you will find yourself in an ideal setting for a little vacation.

  • Spouse or friend want to come along? No problem. Peaceful, spacious low-key situations. In the middle of an organic farm, so your unmatriculated guest can make friends with the farmers by helping to weed the carrots or pick arugula or whatever.

  • One proviso: I will put you in touch with your "housemates" ahead of time so that anyone who wants to can plan ahead on stuff like who's bringing the coffee or maybe even coordinating suppers—All entirely up to you, but this will give you options and may allow you to save money and time.

  • Naturally, you're responsible for working with your housemates to manage your household affairs and to leave your house in a neat and clean condition upon departure. 

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