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German Dumplings with Kirsten Atchison

In Bavaria, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic dumplings are a way of life. They can be savory or sweet, a main dish, a side dish or a desert. They are made of old bread, potatoes, yeast dough, semolina or quark. The possibilities are endless – and always so delicious.

Kirsten Atchison grew up in the northern part of Germany and was sadly dumpling deprived until she lived in Munich in her twenties and thirties. There she learned to love and prepare all dumplings big and small.

This three-hour-class will explore the world of savory and sweet dumplings and the many ways of preparing them. You will start with a Semmelknödel – Bavaria’s most famous dumpling and a great accompaniment to its signature dish, the pork roast. Made from old Semmeln (bread rolls), eggs, onions and herbs it’s a great one to serve with any type of roast, stew or with a creamy mushroom sauce. You will also master sweet yeast dough to make Buchteln – a soft, pillowy dumpling filled with plum butter and baked in the oven. Mariellenknödel are a specialty of Austria. Fresh apricots are wrapped in a dough made of flour, eggs and Quark – the European fresh cheese – and then simmered in water.

All different types of dough and cooking techniques can easily be transferred to making other types of baked or steamed foods. This is just the beginning of your dumpling filled days!

All dumplings will have to be eaten right then and there. They are best fresh out of the oven, steaming on your plate.

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