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Bread Baking with Paula Marcoux

Get comfortable with yeast baking.


Interested in getting more home-baking into your hectic life? Paula will introduce you (or perhaps reacquaint you if it has been a while) to the magic that happens when flour meets water and leavening culture, with the objective of helping you figure out how you can have good bread on hand at your house more often.

This small, hands-on class will work through several types of dough made from both commercial flour and fresh-ground. We will mix both by hand and by machine. And we will use both commercial yeast and sourdough. We will shape loaves and rolls and bake them in a regular home oven (like the one in your kitchen, more or less), emphasizing strategies to get results closer to those from baking in a wood-fired oven.

You will learn how to maintain a natural leavening culture; any participant interested will take home their very own sample to raise their future bread.

We will go over strategies to get more home-baked bread into your life, yes, even given that you're already super-busy. There are some things that are worth a little juggling.

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