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Better Smartphone Photography

with Eleanor Gould

Unlock your phone's hidden powers.

Are you an artisan who would like to share more exciting images of your work? Or maybe you just wish you could capture that subtle winter light on your morning walk...

Either way, Eleanor Gould can guide you in making better use of the gear you're already carrying around in your pocket. This workshop will begin with an interactive session where participants will learn about exposure, composition, creative apps, networking, and storytelling. Then, class will adjourn for a "walkabout", with opportunities for shooting indoor and outdoor activities and landscapes. Then all will reassemble to review and edit selected shots (and to warm up with tea, coffee, and treats). 

If you want to learn to use and share mobile imagery more effectively, or to discover the creative side of smartphone photography, this workshop is for you.


Bring a mobile device with equipped with camera (i.e., an iPhone, Windows phone, or Android smartphone).

Eleanor Gould is the Curator of Gardens at Monticello, responsible for programming, research, documentation and maintenance.

Eleanor attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a masters degree in Landscape Architecture in 2010. Previous to her current position, she worked for several years as both seasonal and assistant gardener in Monticello’s fruit, flower and vegetable gardens.  


She enjoys engaging visitors both on site and virtually with Thomas Jefferson’s experimental gardens and ideas. 

Photo by Eleanor Gould

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