About Us

Our real name:

Plymouth Center for Restoration Arts and Forgotten Trades

What we make happen:

Courses taught by extraordinary artisan/instructors, set in inspiring southeastern Massachusetts locations.


Who we serve:

People passionate about improving their handskills and deepening their understanding of traditional craft.

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Our Board

Plymouth CRAFT's 2019-20 Board of Directors:

Kirsten Atchison, David Berman, Ben Brewster, Caroline Chapin, Elizabeth Creeden, Donna Curtin, Peter Follansbee, Patrick Kirby, Paula Marcoux, Anne Phelan, Dorothy Price, and Charlotte Russell

Plymouth CRAFT is a 501(3)c tax-exempt charitable educational organization, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As such we depend on a talented and dedicated Board of Directors. Collectively, our Board has deep roots in the Plymouth region, an abiding dedication to historic preservation, and a commitment to the promulgation of the hands-on CRAFT educational philosophy.

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Plymouth CRAFT is home of Greenwood Fest